Empowering Truth

Have you ever stopped and realized how much faith and trust people put in what they see on television? The news shows clips of events that we can’t really even verify are real anymore. Especially when you see the capabilities of technology these days. Just this week there was a big story on how the former rapper Tupac was brought back to life with a hologram and it looks shockingly real. Check out the video for yourself below. While this use of the hologram is very entertaining and fascinating, we have to be careful and realize the dangers that come along with it. This technology can be used to show false images on the news to provoke the viewers to think something is true when it is not.

If some rich rap artists can afford to make a hologram this good then just imagine how much better of a hologram the military…

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【コラム】「グンマー(笑)」と馬鹿にされがちな群馬県こそ関東最強の観光地である / 食・景色・エンタメすべてが最高の群馬は神






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