Pure Support

January has been a bumpy ride. However, We have each other. Let Us look to Our basic principles of what We know best to keep Us above the choas.

Simple Peace. Take some quite time for yourselves. Watch a funny movie, eat ice cream, and don’t dwell on the negative. Your heart is your compass of truth. It will not let you down.

Gather with friends who are uplifting. Laugh along with changing the scenery in your home. Bring in fresh flowers. Light beautiful candles and honor your space as your place to get away from the outside World.



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Then you Wonder? What is the message. As in life it is only for you. ” The World Wide Meditation ” which is to be announced when the time is right. I invite those who are interested in participating in this total selfless act. It will take place monthly to benefit the World. No secret.

The $3 donation. If you want to give one is fine. If not that is fine also. I will be hosting and doing this via skype to reach many people.

People need to relax and be stress along with drama free. Eventually more will come from this but I don’t even know what that maybe. I just have to trust the light and love.

No hokey pokey nonsense here. Just sharing my heart to your heart. If you wish to participate please go to my facebook page ” The Real Kwan Yin Center of Light” and sign up there.



I question and I wonder. We share such a large planet that technically has shrunk due to a technology jump in our life time.

Imagine if it never happened? Would you be so focused on your cellphone or do you think you would have more conversations with your neighbor?

Children would be riding bicycles, climbing trees, building treehouses out of cardboard boxes and real trees. Our porches would not be empty and sharing a lemonade would not be scary.

Let Us remember what We have given up. Can We get it back? YES. Why not. My cellphone dose not rule my life. I am a Individual not a computer chip. It is very simple. Just do it.

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Fare Thee Well!

 I have no words to express what i am feeling. However, Phil, Bobby, Mickey, and Bill ” Thank You” ! Jerry We will Always Miss You. THe lives you have touched are increduble. As you Sparked Passion into your Lives with Music, You brought joy to Ours.

I didn’t make it to Soldier Field but my Heart and Soul were there. Your roots and music are planted not just in our psyche but for generations to come. As above So Below! My daughters would not be here today if it were not for you Guy’s( so sweet ). I use to trade tapes when it was unheard of. My friends Vinny and Dave if your out there somewhere started me out.

It my grassroots at least for the late 80’s to start infiltrating the taper scene. 1st gens were top of the line but the gold was in the betty boards. My add in Relix at the time was quite unusual. Deadhead female looking for top-notch tapers 1st gens only. That is how it all started. Then I met my Husband at the time.

There was a time that I thought it would never end. Especially during the summer tours. You could feel the excitement in the air. What more can I say. You have made many people smile and that is invaluable.

You will be Gratefully Missed !

A Love letter from a Grateful Fan.

Blizzard 2015


Here we here we go again. The anticipation is building. Everyone is waiting and watching. News reporters are telling Us to watch out ” like we’ve never seen snow before” ?

Get bundled up its time to relax. Instead of fearing the storm . embrace it and cuddle up with some one you love. Play games with the kids, make hot chocolate, and enjoy your family time.

When it snows make snowballs. Life is meant to be filled with joy and laughter. So have fun today.


Empowering Truth

Have you ever stopped and realized how much faith and trust people put in what they see on television? The news shows clips of events that we can’t really even verify are real anymore. Especially when you see the capabilities of technology these days. Just this week there was a big story on how the former rapper Tupac was brought back to life with a hologram and it looks shockingly real. Check out the video for yourself below. While this use of the hologram is very entertaining and fascinating, we have to be careful and realize the dangers that come along with it. This technology can be used to show false images on the news to provoke the viewers to think something is true when it is not.

If some rich rap artists can afford to make a hologram this good then just imagine how much better of a hologram the military…

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