Divine Love

Many have asked me over the years about Divine Soul Mates. It is a question that has many answers. There are many view points and different philosophies.

Having studied Esoteric that has given me a broad view I can be objective.

Every tradition recognizes them and say We all have one. This is where I come in. Personal experience is I feel counts.

If you know in your heart that it is true you will know. The signs are undeniable, undefinable, beyond words, and very personal.

We are at a time where a strong relationship is important. The female energy is coming to meet with the male energy.

It’s main purpose is to bring about balance. At the moment it seems chaotic yet in order for it to calm down. Those who are aware need to Center themselves. Change is alway’s for a higher purpose.

A new paradigm is begin forming and with it, there will be beauty. When we cut away the drama and see past the bullshit. The light will reveal the truth.

So trust the light.