Re- Reading My Paperback

The more I re-read my Paperback I keep discovering things I never noticed before. Little scenes and words of wisdom filled with understanding.

It is as if the Paperback is reminding me to remember to have ” Trust” about who I am becoming in this New beautiful World that is being born. These three words stood out ” Who Am I” ?

Well I realized that I cannot define myself by my job but my content of my character along with; how many people’s lives, have I touched in a positive selfless way.

To my shock I found myself sitting silent with my cellphone off. No television and actually taking in the silence of outside. I was hearing my inner voice. I heard it tell me ” Everything is going to be okay”. My inner voice is also called intuition,your but feeling among various other terms. We all have intuition become friends with it. It has it’s perks.



Yesterday was such a long time ago. From March until whenever each individual went into self quarantine. Have you asked yourself What is coming? Who am I? What is My purpose? Why am I here?

This is a New World We are birthing. A positive place. We have to create the freedoms and liberties within it. It is time to let the Light shine ever so brightly and peacefully.

We know there will be some pushback. The light, hope, and creating with a global conciousness to a non – Orwellian World is What lightworkers strive for. Take your global meditations for positive Actions. Break down their false narrative with Love.


New Pradigm

I was just the question. What is the World going to look like when it reopens?

Well, that is a very good question. This is the first time many are home. It is even more interesting those Who are on the go are revisiting themselves.

This quite time is giving them the chance to ” meet themselves” on a different level.  If you are not use to it granted it can be unpleasant.

Resistance creates growth. Quite time with yourself allows your mind to slow so you can get out of your head. The heart connection is begin renewed.

Just flow with it. Allow it to happen gently.  We have been stuck in our heads to long. Time to give the heart connection a chance. Share it with your friends and family.

Recreate your World into beauty. I am not discounting the virus. I too have had some personal encounters with it recently. It is not pleasant. However, by the grace of faith things have worked out. It was a close one.

So I’m not perfect but I just want to give hope to all of my readers. I pray for all of you. Thankful that you read my blogs. GIFs2020012104810.gif



Light a Candle

My message is simple. If anyone in the global community reads this. Light a white candle, weather it is a tealight, battery powered every night to show global unity and support for eachother during this time.

When you do it. Keep your thoughts as positive as possible. Say any type of prayer you want. So We may all conquer this pandemic together.


Strength through Isolation

As We stay vigilant to maintain our health. This is a time in history that is unprecedented in our lifetime.

The last time this happened was after World War one with the Spanish Influenza. There are also so many ways to look at this.

We need to remain positive and know that there is a light shining very bright and strong. So Never Give Up! This is a unprecedented time in our history with the Globe at a standstill. Yet We don’t have to stand still.

There are many positive ways to deal with this. They are simple but yet profound. Reading a book, baking cookies, taking a major break from your cellphone and rediscovering your heart, getting closer to your neighbors, using your imagination to create a warm environment free of negativity.

This is how you beat cabin fever. We have forgotten what it is like to be still. Alway’s running around. Our lives have been so fast and furious. Do we want to go back to that? Can We really do that again after this? We have never stopped. Now We are forced to. How dose it feel to actually slow down.

We need to live again and not be slaves to our jobs. We need to do what brings Us joy. This is the opportunity to change from the old to a new way of living. The fast paced life made Us unhealthy. Spirituality, mentally, and physically. This is the time to bring in a healthy new paradigm.

We just have to agree as a collective. Dose everyone agree?

Love & Light to All Divine Beings

Drama Free

Where to begin. Let’s just say I do not believe in ” Drama” real or not real. Yes the elephant in the room is the covid19. Obviously many people are in fear.

So to keep ourselves personally calm in our own home.

1. Light white candles or your favorite scent

2. Buy fresh flowers

3. Watch a funny movie

4. Laugh

This is the best remedy for times like this. Quite your mind if you can. Positive thinking is always recommended. Never give in to those pesky negative thoughts. Drown them out with happiness.

Throw out things you don’t need anymore and do spring cleaning. All of these little things add up to healthy ways of combating drama.