Every moment things are changing. We need to step back sometimes and take a breather.

The Pandemic has brought to the surface many issues. Yet as spiritual beings it is also forcing Us to look at ” Who We Are”.

The most outstanding change I have noticed is that We are entering more into a digital age. Schools are implementing virtual learning.

Yet We are here to always transform. The Light always brings change. Children seem to accept change a lot easier. They are never given credit.

Their spiritual advancement is far beyond ours. They know what they want. Nothing holds them back. We can learn from their eagerness to create. For example: I know of someone who has created games. He or she is a coding genius at a decent age.

Many old souls are here. You would be surprised what comes out of the words of children.

We have to give ourselves a break. Yes, I have clay feet. In order to grow I look at my short comings. When I teach or talk about it on my radio show.

I let you know that it is easier to jump through the hoops. Then at the other end you have gained knowledge of yourself. No matter what your choice of spiritual path you are on. There is no gain without begin authentic.

Mastering yourself is not bought in the grocery store shelf. It takes time. Many of the ascended Masters took years to reach their goals. For some even lifetimes.

So when it is true you will know it.

Be True to Yourself!