Re- Reading My Paperback

The more I re-read my Paperback I keep discovering things I never noticed before. Little scenes and words of wisdom filled with understanding.

It is as if the Paperback is reminding me to remember to have ” Trust” about who I am becoming in this New beautiful World that is being born. These three words stood out ” Who Am I” ?

Well I realized that I cannot define myself by my job but my content of my character along with; how many people’s lives, have I touched in a positive selfless way.

To my shock I found myself sitting silent with my cellphone off. No television and actually taking in the silence of outside. I was hearing my inner voice. I heard it tell me ” Everything is going to be okay”. My inner voice is also called intuition,your but feeling among various other terms. We all have intuition become friends with it. It has it’s perks.



Yesterday was such a long time ago. From March until whenever each individual went into self quarantine. Have you asked yourself What is coming? Who am I? What is My purpose? Why am I here?

This is a New World We are birthing. A positive place. We have to create the freedoms and liberties within it. It is time to let the Light shine ever so brightly and peacefully.

We know there will be some pushback. The light, hope, and creating with a global conciousness to a non – Orwellian World is What lightworkers strive for. Take your global meditations for positive Actions. Break down their false narrative with Love.