Strength through Isolation

As We stay vigilant to maintain our health. This is a time in history that is unprecedented in our lifetime.

The last time this happened was after World War one with the Spanish Influenza. There are also so many ways to look at this.

We need to remain positive and know that there is a light shining very bright and strong. So Never Give Up! This is a unprecedented time in our history with the Globe at a standstill. Yet We don’t have to stand still.

There are many positive ways to deal with this. They are simple but yet profound. Reading a book, baking cookies, taking a major break from your cellphone and rediscovering your heart, getting closer to your neighbors, using your imagination to create a warm environment free of negativity.

This is how you beat cabin fever. We have forgotten what it is like to be still. Alway’s running around. Our lives have been so fast and furious. Do we want to go back to that? Can We really do that again after this? We have never stopped. Now We are forced to. How dose it feel to actually slow down.

We need to live again and not be slaves to our jobs. We need to do what brings Us joy. This is the opportunity to change from the old to a new way of living. The fast paced life made Us unhealthy. Spirituality, mentally, and physically. This is the time to bring in a healthy new paradigm.

We just have to agree as a collective. Dose everyone agree?

Love & Light to All Divine Beings