Are You in Overdrive?

This past week We have all been through some poking and pronging. It certainly was a unique full Moon which has left many feeling quite sensitive.

The purging of old feelings that do not serve ” Us” anymore is defenitly a real experience. Not everyone is going to feel or even express the same way. Depending upon your own belief system.

My best remedy is to go with flow. Observe what sets you off. Try not to react to nonsense or drama that just slows down a conversation.

Today We are reacting quickly and not looking at the consequences. If someone puts two sugars in your latte instead of one. Don’t freak out. We all make mistakes. It is always the little things that get Us off track.

The biggest things. Step back, assess the situation, think before you continue the conversation. Listening is important through this time.

As We are releasing our old behaviors or patterns that do not serve. Be kind to yourself. The person on the receiving end is also going through the same experience.

So go home. Light a white candle. Listen to calming music with no words. Being home fresh flowers and light incense or a beautiful fire in your fireplace.

Let go of the day. We are all In it together. I tell my students to relax and meditate even for 5 minutes to quite the mind.

Be at Peace.

Kwan Yin Center of Light