Fare Thee Well!

 I have no words to express what i am feeling. However, Phil, Bobby, Mickey, and Bill ” Thank You” ! Jerry We will Always Miss You. THe lives you have touched are increduble. As you Sparked Passion into your Lives with Music, You brought joy to Ours.

I didn’t make it to Soldier Field but my Heart and Soul were there. Your roots and music are planted not just in our psyche but for generations to come. As above So Below! My daughters would not be here today if it were not for you Guy’s( so sweet ). I use to trade tapes when it was unheard of. My friends Vinny and Dave if your out there somewhere started me out.

It my grassroots at least for the late 80’s to start infiltrating the taper scene. 1st gens were top of the line but the gold was in the betty boards. My add in Relix at the time was quite unusual. Deadhead female looking for top-notch tapers 1st gens only. That is how it all started. Then I met my Husband at the time.

There was a time that I thought it would never end. Especially during the summer tours. You could feel the excitement in the air. What more can I say. You have made many people smile and that is invaluable.

You will be Gratefully Missed !

A Love letter from a Grateful Fan.