Saints Sarbelius and Barbea

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Sts Sarbelius and Barbea

Today, January 29th, we honor Saints Sarbelius and Barbea, brother and sister.

They lived during the time of the persecution of Christians by the Emperor Trajan.  Sarbelius, also called Sharbel, was a high priest at Edessa, Mesopotamia.  They were arrested for converting to Christianity and were tortured with red-hot irons prior to their execution at Edessa.

There is little information about these two incredible individuals.  But even so, we must remember them for their courage and most especially, for their love of Jesus.  We are supposed to be soldiers of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  I pray that all of us would have that same love and bravery that was exercised by these remarkable saints!  God help us!

Jesus!  Maria!



Source:  CatholicOnline

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