Radio XXVIII, side B, track 11: “Juke Box Hero” by Foreigner

Mixed Tape Masterpiece

Foreigner - Juke Box HeroOh, Foreigner, what is it about a juke box?  Especially in this day and age, when songs are almost as easy to procure as the air we breathe, where you can instantly listen to pretty much whatever you want at any time, what is it about the juke box that still attracts us?  And I’m not talking about those new-fangled juke boxes, Foreigner, the ones that are connected to the internet and have touchscreens and such.  I’m talking about the old-fashioned chrome and glass shrines to music goodness, the kind where there is either a behemoth with flashing lights right next to the bathrooms, or even fancier yet, there were the mini-jukes that were right at your booth, like they had at Lange’s Cafe (maybe they still have them; I haven’t been back there since I had to get my class ring back from a girl I broke up…

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