72 Years Later: Remembering Pearl Harbor

Pacific Island National Parks

WATCH THIS MORNING’S PEARL HARBOR COMMEMORATION CEREMONY: youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_8aCCuJW0k&feature=share&t=42m58s

Today across Hawaii we remember the events of the day that President Franklin Roosevelt said would “live in infamy.” 72 years ago on this date in 1941 the United States was attacked by Japanese air and naval forces. Besides the utter devastation to warships and military aircraft, over 2,000 Americans died in the attack and the United States was brought into World War II.

Pearl Harbor Day Google Hangout:
Beginning at 7:00 am (HST), before the main ceremony begins, Pearl Harbor Survivors, World War II Veterans, and audiences located at partnering sites across the mainland will be speaking with Pearl Harbor survivors on Oahu and introducing themselves to all those who are participating in the Hangout. Following the Hangout, the main ceremony will begin at 7:45 am (HST). Google hangout participants will join the ceremony with the same view as if they were sitting in the audience…

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