In the Catskills, China (Maybe)


China has a habit of, in the middle of nowhere, building itself full-scale replicas of some of the world’s premier cities. Now a New York woman reportedly wants to return the favor.

And the current plan is, well, a long-shot at best.

Sherry Li, of China City of America, is leading a group of Chinese investors who aim to transform 600 acres of land near the economically depressed upstate New York towns of Thompson and Mamakating into a sprawling mega-city. Renderings of the proposal show plans for 1,000 houses, a university and a China-themed retail center, the architecture of which would be rooted in the country’s traditional design. Li claims the project could draw $6 billion in investment.

But even as the plans seem to take a bit more shape, the proposal has a host of other issues before the first bulldozer gets started: zoning permits, burdening U.S. taxpayers and…

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