100TH POST!!!



Woop Woop! A milestone has been reached! This is my 100th post, since the inception of Movies and Music Cafe at the end of September. The two months have flown by, and have been great fun. I’m not exactly accelerating at a rate of knots in terms of followers etc, but I think I can be pretty happy with how it’s gone. So, for my 100th post I am going to get all geeky on you and show off my stats so far. This is basically how my two months blogging have gone:

WordPress followers: 141

Twitter followers: 149 (find me @thomasjford)

All time views: 1,941

Most views in one day: 106

Total Comments: 348

The person who has made the most comments on the site: http://www.vinnieh.wordpress.com

Most popular tags:

NaBloPoMo 75
Film 46
movies 38
Features 37
Movie Reviews 29

Strangest search term that has led to my site:

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