Web Vanity Do I need it To Be Me ?

Recently, I have really come to some very interesting conclusions. My own journeys in life have taken me to many places and the deepest darkest depths I have explored personally, have been my ego. My Ego You say with Surprise in your eye’s and voices as they crackle to the revelation.
The web has made US lose ourselves in a different way. It is How Much is My Personality on the Web worth? Really ?????? I had no idea that I came with a price tag. I AM not a item or a thing. My soul is deep, enriched, and here with purpose. Many have of US have lost that purpose delving into the fake world and made up society of the internet. What is real is outside your door. Trees, people, babies, dogs, cats, birds, animals, other PEOPLE. Look I to have clay feet but I am realizing that my streets outside are quite and empty. I don’t see kids playing and enjoying themselves or people talking on porches during a hot summer night.
What have we created? Well, I am not a number with a price tag or a score like a vanity plate. I AM. Yet I will say I have some sites that are dear to me. Again ” I AM’. Do You Know who You are, Your Purpose, Why You are Here? Truly have you even wondered for a split second on any of those questions.
I AM. I Am Love. I Am……………………… .th.jpgtreeoflife 1


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