Have You Zurker Yet ?


Zurker  first launched in December 1, 2011 in the US,UK, India, Philippines and New Zealand. Since then it has taken the web by storm. That year it had one member now it has grown to since then from one to 10,ooo Zurker members in 2012. By the end of that year alone it has expanded to 30,000 members  and it keeps on growing.

This is not your usual social site. It is a warm and friendly atmosphere. There is Freedom of Speech which done with total respect for each member.  Those who were there from the start truly are inspirational.  One member expressed it this way ” It is a fairly simple to a social network but more importantly it has retained  the core principles”. This is what attracted him and others to this beautiful site.

Zurker also has perks. You are able to invest in the site. It is a great innovative idea.  Zen is the digital currency. Dose this not EXCITE YOU!  When I heard about this I became a member and I have no regrets. The Founder Berzurker is a great person. He is living his passion.  He was Inspired.

I Murge many of you to please come visit this site. I recommend it Highly.  As a member of the Zurker community I have only praise.


5 thoughts on “Have You Zurker Yet ?

  1. Zurker has some really great ideas, but is their Zen currency usable in the near future, is it recognized outside of the Zurker website? My new favorite social networking website that I can’t stop talking about finding is ChatChing. They allow registered users to obtain points for their activity on the website and then once a certain member number is obtained; ChatChing Inc. gives the registered user stock in the company in proportion to how many points they have. There is so many unique features in ChatChing, that I always feel like I am finding a new one every week.


    • Yes it going that way. If I did not feel comfortable I would not even tell others about it. These you obtain right away. They are yours to keep. No games. Great question Teresa.
      Thank You
      If you choose to go just tell them I invited you zurker.com/queenoflight88cs


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