The Seed

      One day a seed was planted. Day by day this seed grew and became bigger. It grew into a tree. The tree lives in a beautiful mountainside looking at the world. It withered many seasons of rain, cold, heat, storms, fall, summer, winter, and spring. Each year it became stronger and wiser. 

Birds would come sit on the tree build nests and have their young ones. Olives would grow on the tree every year. They never went to waste. All of the animals would come and gather around the tree as she grew older for comfort. They could feel her unconditional love. A love like no other. Flowers would grow around her happily and blossom into beauty the surpassed the imagination. 

Then one day a person saw the olive tree and sat down. A great slumber started to come over that person. A slumber so peaceful. As this person was sleeping the dream was incredible. This person became part of the olive tree. The tree took the person through all of its different energies. The knowing that the tree imparted was beyond words. Knowledge became part of him/her. The shape of the tree he/she took on through the journey. 

 As the person was dreaming in this deep state a change came. The person saw many things on the tree on all the branches from top to bottom. All fitting in making sense. Then suddenly. The person awoke under the tree. Sat up and saw in his/her hand a olive branch. The person realized he/she had created a dream that became reality. That dream was Peace. Image

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