The Sand in The Face Effect ?

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No one ever said it was going to be easy. When you spread the light you will get laughed at and even have mature adults pick on you. Why? The most obvious reason fear. When the truth or something hits a chord it can be scary. When you are totally at peace with yourself, and on the journey of knowing yourself, you change. Many don’t want to do the work to change. They want the instant shake and bake magic pill and done. It takes Courage to be laughed at and teased for the work of GOD. Yeah I said it God!
I mean really those of you who are stuck in the matrix and want to stifle the light in all of us. Not happening. We all know that you know where the light originates. However, due to PC which I don’t want to give energy to is just absurd. Love is the Key. Let me remind you all that your DIVINE ESSENCE IS CALLING YOU WAKE UP! I am not the only one who writes about this. I honor many other’s who do the same.
I chose Freedom of My Mind! Don’t regulate my heart or love. Light is stronger than the matrix. The inner truth of the self is empowerment. It is freedom. Be your own Guru. Trust your Heart. If you being teased and bullied by others it just means your doing something right. Just send them unconditional love back.

Til We Meet Again
A True Light Lover of Truth

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