Sometimes I Just Don’t Feel Like it!

When I signed up for this journey no one told me that it would be lonely, no one told me it would be like being invisible, no one told me to be a vessel of pure raw love would be the hardest job description. Dose it really matter? NO! Why! Because who else would stand up to to bring back love to it’s pure raw state. NO ONE! Our Divine Essence is connected to love ( agape). Since Yesterday I noticed everyone is like in a massive trance. HELLO ANYONE OUT THERE!

Passion needs to reignited into your HEARTS. None of you are taking notice of this. The material world has convinced you it’s better. Is it? Dose it remind that there is still HOPE, LIGHT, JOY, PASSION, PEACE, GOLDEN PYRAMIDS, HAPPINESS, BUNNIES MULTIPLYING JOY EVERYWHERE. Your minds are compromising and telling you the Heart is worthless. The heart keeps you alive but it is also the main source for the spark of love and passion. I have news for you “YOU ARE THE ZOMBIES”.

It’s about You ! I’m lonely because I am living through my heart and have no one to talk to. The divine love that is on the planet at this second is real and not going away. The new era of mankind emerging. Do not be afraid of it. It is beautiful. Yes it is very pure but it is love (AGAPE) in it’s truest form. You are not use to it. Your souls deep down know what it is. When you were a infant you were that agape. Pure.

Til We Meet Again



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