Popular Not Found Here ( wHAT do you mean ? )

  OH! Hi! I just woke up out of my Slumber. I’ve been in a fog for a awhile and some told me  that I could find my light and divine essence here. Yes you can. However, said the voice of reason ( The Heart) it comes with a sacrifice. Really ? asked the soul that just woke up into the glaring light. What is that. Well you will get a lot of lessons to learn about yourself. Some easy and some hard. All for your highest good. 

 I must add said the beautiful light that it is not easy but at the end worth it. When you commit to help humanity to become peaceful and loving you have to ” Know Yourself”. Trust it is very unpopular in the 3d world to know yourself. Many people just want to be like everyone else. Where is the uniqueness, integrity, authenticity, and the Passion to strive to

their own natural highest potential. Really said the soul I had no idea. You just helped me to remember that. Oh! Good said the light. Wow ! You really are waking me up. For the first time I feel awake. That’s wonderful. My work is done.



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