How LIVE IN Joy and Not Buy into Stupidity!

Joy Yih 21st Birthday / 20070802.850SD.IS.0425...
Joy Yih 21st Birthday / 20070802.850SD.IS.0425-2 / SML (Photo credit: See-ming Lee 李思明 SML)



Hi! Wow What a day so far. Yesterday it was cold and now it feels like spring. It is. Joy is one of my favorites. The world itself has moved into Joy. Did you know that there is so much media out there that is trying to confuse you. My suggestion. Don’t buy into it. The noted date December 21st is upon Us and many are preparing for doom. I am not. I am preparing for a Happy, joyful, New Day.

That is a myth and misunderstanding. The Shamans will celebrate December 21st. For them it is important. A time of transition but not of Doom. Give me a Break. A true Lightworker will tell you about Come- Untiy quoted from a good friend of mine (GG). So World Trust Your Heart Shambala which means ” Joy ” Shem- Joy. Is here. No Fooling.

Celebrate the Joy you have in your life.  revisit  all that is Positive and beautiful .It is there.

Til We Meet Again



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