It’s All of Us !

Life is great! We never realize how wonderful we have it until one morning we wake up and everything just goes.  Empowerment is a birth right not a fantasy but a reality. Men really are great. They are lovely people. When it comes to spirituality they like the more concrete linear subjects to relate to.

They need to see it and feel it. Not all but some do. Unlike us women we just allow our natural knowing to kick in. Like to it takes to halves to make a whole it is the same principle with in ourselves. Each of us has male/ female. We came from a male and female. So to have peace within , we need to make it with ourselves first.

The the ” As above So Below ” principle applies.  Love Yourself first. Appreciate who you are and your inner beauty and gifts. Do this by taking a positive word a day and write it on your bathroom wall.  For example: I appreciate myself because……….  .

Always end it on a positive note. It helps us to build self-esteem.

Til next time.



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