Today I was thinking about so many things to write about and I heard John Lennons Imagine on the radio. We all have different view points  and want to get along but have we fulfilled the dream of IMAGINE? As a healer I  truly have no opinion. I chose to observe. I want to remind my readers that energetically we all effect one another.

Women effect Men. If Women cannot heal their relationships within the sisterhood of the world we will continu to see the Men react to our energy and behave the way they do. Take a guess ?

We as women need not stab eachother in the back, steal boyfriends,., husbands, interfere in our sisters businees. Instead we should embrace eachother. We don’t do that. It reallt stinks. The Men of this world are very sensitive wether you all choose to beleive it or not. Do you John Lennon worte Imagine because he was not sensitve. Wrong!!! He got it.

If we can’t be friends  heal our relationships Men will continue to hurt themselves and be disrespectful to Us. We have a part in this also. We are all Responsible. Energy is subtle. It is never what it looks like but what it feels like.

I’ve studied energy for many years and I impart my wisdom to help better the world.



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